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Care & Cleaning

Handle your leather bag with clean hands - oil and residue will easily transfer to leather. Once or twice a year, remove dirt buildup by wiping down your leather bag with a cleaner made specifically for leather. Apply in a circular motion, and wipe off with a slightly damp cloth to avoid clogging the pores of the leather. To prevent drying out, massage a high-quality leather conditioner into the leather and use a clean cloth to gently wipe off excess about once per year.
If you're leather item gets wet, gently blot (not rub!) excess as soon as possible, and allow the rest to air dry. Do not use a heat source to speed up the drying. When drying a bag, stuff the inside with newspaper to help the bag hold its shape and to help absorb moisture from the interior.

Proper storage is important when caring for leather. Store leather in a space away from heat, humidity, sunlight, and dust - preferably in a fabric (not plastic!) bag and/or box.

Canvas & Denim

Your canvas or denim bag is quite durable. Applying a water and stain repellent, like Scotch Guard or similar silicone spray will make keeping your item clean much easier. Spot clean your bag with a gentle soap such as Otter Wax Canvas Cleaner and clean rag or stiff brush. Hang or stuff your bag with newspaper to dry. Do not machine wash.

Waxed Canvas

Spot clean your waxed canvas bag using cold water (never hot water!) and a mild soap, such as Otter Wax Canvas Cleaner. Gently rub the soap on with a sponge and rinse with clean cold water. Hang or stuff your bag with newspaper to dry. Do not machine wash, do not put in a clothes dryer as the heat and agitation will remove the wax coating.

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